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The First Step

Why admitting you are suffering with hair loss is the first step

Experiencing hair loss at an early age can be one of the most socially debilitating things that could ever happen to you. In every social interaction you find yourself in, there is a constant fear in the back of your mind that people are staring at your thinning scalp, instead of your face.

Or, that ever present feeling that when you stand or sit under a bright light people can see straight through your hair. It is the feeling of dread you get in the pit of your stomach every time you see yourself in a mirror and notice a balding spot. 

Everything is ok, I am fine

When you first start to loose hair, you may decide to change the way you brush it to hide a thinning spot. Perhaps you wear hair extensions or a hat as you push the hair loss issue to the back of your mind.

If there is one piece of advice we can give you – ignoring hair loss is not the solution, because there are hair loss treatments that are scientifically proven to help restore hair loss and resolve underlying hair loss issues.   

For the problems to be addressed, we need to consult with you. Each case needs to be diagnosed through blood tests, scans or a biopsy, which can be administered by our scalp specialists at our hair clinic.

Why the Fear?

For many people that we see, the hardest part is deciding to get help. The moment that you make a decision to see a specialist may be daunting, as you find yourself finally admitting there is something wrong.

If you are embarrassed, nervous or hesitant to seek help then know this – we’re specially trained to deal discreetly and professionally with each patient that we see.  Do not be afraid to hear a diagnosis, because that is the first step we must take with you, to help come up with a hair loss treatment programme specifically adapted to your unique needs.

Whether your hair loss is related to hormones, stress, genetics, your thyroid, anaemia or low vitamin levels, we are here every step of the way, to guide you through the process of getting your hair back.

So, take the first step and set up a time to see us for your first hair loss treatment consultation.

Whether you are seeking help with thinning hair, hairline loss, ethnic hair loss in men or women, balding or any other hair loss condition, we would like to help you regain not only your hair, but also your confidence.