Our Hair Loss Specialist Team

Our hair specialist team includes a number of highly trained experts in hair loss treatments.

Senior scalp specialist

Dean Alistair is a leading diagnostic scalp specialist affiliated with the international association of Trichology, with over 10 years experience in the industry.


Dr Xen Ludick is a GPSI in aesthetic and anti aging medicine. He has been practicing Anti-ageing and Aesthetics full time for over 10 years.

Microdot Pigmentation Therapist Alaura Kernahan

Alaura Kernahan is one of the best internationally known Microdot Pigmentation Therapists in South Africa. She has been in the industry for the past eight years, restoring confidence in men and women who could not grow their own hair back. Alaura doesn’t only restore confidence, but also changes lives.

Dr. Burt Jooste

Dr Burt Jooste is an aesthetic and integrative General Practitioner who also specialises in Mesotherapy and Carboxy Therapy.

Biotechnology Consultant Bridget Hall

Bridget has extensive experience in biotechnology systems and the mechanisms of regeneration. Founded upon DNA-based research projects, coupled with quantum physics-based DNA innovations, these systems are used for stimulating regeneration and rejuvenation in the human body.

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