INOAR Kálice Shampoo 250ml


Everything you need for your hair, face and body, in one multi-purpose line.

A combination of 7 oils in a shampoo, mask, and oil, with multi-functional formulas that hydrate, nourish, repair and have antioxidant, smoothing, protecting and soothing effects with a light touch of a mild and exclusive fragrance.


Kálice is a premium, multifunctional product by Inoar with Vitamin E and seven precious vegetable oils for the hair, body, and face: argan, myrrh, macadamia, ojon, sweet almonds, jasmine, and rosemary. This special combination is moisturizing, nourishing, restorative, antioxidative, protective, and emollient, with a light touch. With just one step, Kálice is deeply penetrating, moisturizing hair and skin without weighing down and leaving a gentle, unique scent.

Type of Hair: All hair types