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  • INOAR Magic Spray 200ml

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    INOAR Magic Spray 200ml


    For natural or chemically treated hair, Inoar developed The Magic Spray, with vegan formulation, based on jasmine extract and Argan oil which moisturizes, eliminates frizz, detangles and naturally aligns the threads while protecting the hair against heat for up to 230 degrees C.

    15 Benefits of INOAR’s Magic Spray

    • Botanical & Vegan
    • Progressive effect
    • Hydration
    • Ultra Shine
    • Thermic/Heat protection
    • Extreme sealing
    • Zero frizz
    • Helps to protect colour
    • Protects against humidity
    • Lasting effect
    • Nutrition & Restoring
    • Detangles & softens
    • Instantaneous straightening effect
    • Free of dyes & parabens
    • Restores split ends


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