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FUT Surgery

FUT surgery is a hair transplant procedure that is performed in a fully equipped theatre by one of our top surgeons.

Surgical hair transplant is a common procedure that requires general anaesthetic to complete. You are also given a mild tranquilliser that minimises anxiety and reduces discomfort. This procedure owes its success to the fact that the transplanted hair follicles (roots moved from their original location to another area) behave in the same way that they did in their original site. Whether hairy or bald, your scalp has an excellent blood supply, which means that a minimal amount of bleeding during the transplant procedure is expected. This is easily controlled by applying pressure. The results make this procedure worthwhile.

Your donor and recipient areas are anaesthetised with local anaesthetic using a very small-gauge needle, which may be slightly painful. A strip of hair-bearing skin is then removed from the back and sides of your head, where there is permanent hair. This site is then sutured closed. Your hair surrounding the donor area completely camouflages the stitches on the donor site. These stitches are removed 10-12 days after the procedure. Over the next few weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out, leaving the viable hair follicles in a dormant state. Approximately three to four months after the hair restoration surgery, this hair will slowly start to grow back, and then continue to grow. Full results will show only eight months to one year later. As they say, good things come to those who wait!
Please note that hair loss is a lifelong process and further FUT surgery may be necessary to fill in ongoing hair loss. The transplanted hair, however, will never fall out.

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FUT surgery involves transplanted hair follicles (roots moved from their original location to another area) and which behave in the same way that they did in the original site.

Why Consider FUT Surgery?

The main advantage of Follicular Unit Transplantation (Strip or FUT surgery) is that it typically gives the highest yield of hair. If your primary goal is to achieve maximum fullness from the hair restoration, FUT should be considered. There are many reasons for this, including the precision of stereo-microscopic dissection and the ability to efficiently harvest from a more select area of the donor zone.
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The ultimate goal of Medical  Hair Restoration Medicine is to optimize both confidence and to enhance the quality of life of the patient.

What Our Patients Who Have Been Treated In Our Clinic Say?

Best quality hair restoration service. Value for money. Had terrible male pattern hair loss. Went in for a few treatments and now I have restored most of my hair.
Phillip Thomas
I was so impressed with the service at Life Hair Restoration Clinic in Fourways.
Grandson Fourie

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