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Bio Stimulation Laser Hair Growth Therapy

also known as Low Laser Therapy or LLP, sends nourishing low level laser light energy into your hair using Bio Stimulating Vibration Technology.

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Bio Stimulation Laser Hair Growth Therapy is known as low level laser therapy is designed to stimulate hair follicles, increasing blood flow to the area to stimulate new growth. Best suited for patients not in the advanced stages of hair loss as well as to prevent hair loss and create volume and density.

This treatment is designed to stimulate circulation and allow the light to penetrate, with absolutely no heating effect and a high precision Diode Beam Window that nourishes the root of the hair and thickens the hair follicles. This technology also increases blood flow. Frequencies may vary on different individuals.

Bio Stimulation Therapy meets stringent global safety regulations and is FDA approved. Cold Beam Diode Technology used in our Bio Stimulation Therapy has been used globally for many years in the broad spectrum of hair loss treatment. The power level of our Bio Stimulation is so low that it is virtually a mere vibration, one that is completely harmless yet very effective. With no major negative side effects, this laser regrowth therapy has been used for many years by scientists and physicians, and it is here to stay.

Why Consider Bio Stimulation Laser Hair Growth Therapy?

Bio Stimulation Therapy is a laser hair growth therapy commonly used to treat hair loss. In many long term clinical research studies, it offers numerous positive effects to the scalp and hair. However, for a patient who has been balding for several years with follicles that are dead, or someone who is predisposed to hair loss, no amount of the Bio Stimulation Therapy will work, as it is impossible to revive something that is not there.

To see if you can benefit from the Bio Stimulation Therapy combined with hair loss medication or to find the cause of your hair loss, an evaluation of the follicle, a hair and scalp check, a biopsy or blood test is required.

Please contact Life Hair Restoration Clinic to book your complimentary consultation and find out whether Bio Stimulation Laser Growth Therapy is a good choice for your needs.

The ultimate goal of Medical  Hair Restoration Medicine is to optimize both confidence and to enhance the quality of life of the patient.

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Wonderful service! Dean has been such a pleasure through my treatment!
Tshiamo Hunadi Mafiri
Bio Stimulation Therapy
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