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Eating healthy food to promote health hair and prevent hair loss

Can Your Diet Affect Hair Loss?

Just like our skin, the condition of our hair is an outward sign of inside health. If we do not get enough sleep or drink enough water – it shows
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The First Step In Hair Loss

Why Admitting You Are Suffering With Hair Loss Is The First Step

Experiencing hair loss at an early age can be one of the most socially debilitating things that could ever happen to you. In every social interaction you find yourself in,
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Treating Baldness

The moment that you make the decision to see a specialist is the moment you decide to address your hair loss concerns. There are many factors that play a role
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Microdot Pigmentation – the smartest hair loss solution for 2019

The human scalp has more than 2000 hair follicles per square inch. However, this is not the case for everyone and many people suffer from balding, hair thinning or alopecia
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