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Our hair specialist team includes a number of highly trained experts in hair loss treatments.

Senior scalp specialist

Dean Alistair is a leading diagnostic scalp specialist affiliated with the international association of Trichology, with more than 10 years experience in the industry.


Dr. Mohammed Asmal

Dr Mohammed Asmal is a GP with special interests inaesthetics treatments. He has been in practice for over a decade and is also one of a select group of doctors trained and competent in performing Autologous Micrografting technology using the Regenera Device.

Dr. Burt Jooste

Dr Burt Jooste is an aesthetic and integrative General Practitioner who also specialises in Mesotherapy and Carboxy Therapy.

Microdot Pigmentation Therapist Alaura Kernahan

Alaura Kernahan is one of the best internationally known Microdot Pigmentation Therapists in South Africa. She has been in the industry for the past eight years, restoring confidence in men and women who could not grow their own hair back. Alaura doesn’t only restore confidence, but also changes lives. 

Biotechnology Consultant Bridget Hall

Bridget has extensive experience in biotechnology systems and the mechanisms of regeneration. Founded upon DNA-based research projects, coupled with quantum physics-based DNA innovations, these systems are used for stimulating regeneration and rejuvenation in the human body.


Hair loss, generally known as Alopecia can affect people of all ages, races and gender.50% of males are affected by this condition. Hair loss in male
patients usually follows a pattern of receding hairline and hair thinning on the crown.

Current studies indicate that 70% of women are also affected by hair loss, similar to male pattern baldness, except that women often lose their hair in a different pattern to men.

Hair Loss Causes & Treatments

Hair Loss can be attributed to various factors. These include but are not limited to:

  • Nutrition & diet
  • Genetics
  • Internal factors such as hormone imbalance and vitamin deficiencies
  • External factors such as braiding and other harsh styling methods
  • Medical conditions
  • Chemotherapy treatment

Individual cases are carefully diagnosed through a blood test, scan or biopsy, which are administered by our Scalp Specialists. Based on the results of your individual case, a full customised treatment plan is then recommended to prevent any further loss or maintain current hair growth.