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Our world-class hair loss clinic in Fourways (Sandton), treats hair of all ethnicity, ensuring all patients always get the best diagnosis & treatment. All our hair loss treatments & programs are FDA approved. There are no dead ends when it comes to finding a solution to hair loss. Backed by cutting-edge technology, Life Hair Restoration Clinic helps you regain your self esteem & confidence.


Non-surgical hair replacement is a cutting-edge, results-driven option.


We’re here to find the cause and solve the problem. With the help of our friendly, knowledgeable team of experts, we will help you find the solution to your hair loss challenges.


We are leaders in hair restoration, with a combination of nearly 20 years expertise together with a team of skilled hair specialists & surgeons who provide top-quality patient care. We keep up to date with international hair restoration treatments. If it’s MCC approved & delivers proven results, we will be the first to introduce it at our hair loss clinic.


We treat and diagnose using scans, biopsy or blood tests. Treating the cause and not just the symptom is the best way to ensure a full head of healthier hair. Like any medical procedure, faster treatment means a higher success rate. Proven medical studies have shown that men and women who treat hair loss in the early stages see quicker and more effective results.


Use our online assessment tool to find out which hair loss treatment solutions would be best for your hair type.

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“I have been struggling with my hair loss for years and I kept trying every product you can think of to gain my crown back, and nothing ever yielded positive results. Upon my Google search, I came across Life Hair Restoration. For the first time in a longest while I was comfortable with taking off my wig in front of a stranger. The specialist who did my assessment was very friendly and professional. He even shared his experience with hair loss after he was involved in an accident. That alone gave me hope that my situation could be changed and I would gain my confidence back. The staff at Life Hair Restoration are also friendly and helpful which made the past months of my experience bearable. I noticed a bit of hair growth on my crown after 8 weeks of following strict instructions from the doctor, on how and when I needed to take my pills and use the shampoo treatment, together with the tonic. I am currently finishing off the 6 months of laser treatment. I had two of microneedling treatments, and I have to say that I am happy with the progress that my hair has made after 5 months. I would most certainly recommend the treatment to anyone”


"It's because the superb service they provide, that I chose Life Hair Restoration for my hair loss treatment. So far I'm happy with the progress I'm making. There's been a marked improvement since I started these sessions. They gave me the price at the appointment. It seemed like a very well-known clinic and I met quite a few people who were also undergoing the treatment while I was there. They only had good things to say. I'm still going for sessions now and enjoying the brilliant service.